In addition to its collection of ephemera and clippings, the Society also has a number of scrapbooks.  The scrapbooks contain clippings, memorabilia, photographs, and other types of ephemera.  The Society maintains its own scrapbook collection covering Eastern Montgomery County numbering some 21 volumes and dating from 1890 to 2000. 

The Society also holds the following scrapbook collections:

Frank T. Boutcher, Abington and surrounding areas, 1911-1945, 1 vol.

Richard Fetter, Abington and Jenkintown, 1975-1993, 2 vols.

Ruth & Bert MacKenney, Jenkintown, 1974-1990, 18 vols.

Joseph MacMahon, Abington Civil Defense, 1942-1944, 1 vol.

William H. McCann, general interest including Eastern Montgomery County, 1930-1939, 8 vols.

Harold Pike, political career, 1 vol.

Florence Ridpath, Eastern Montgomery County and adjoining areas, 1905-1948, 18 vols.