The Old York Road Historical Society is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The
Society was founded in 1936 and is governed by a Board of Directors composed of
Officers and Directors who are elected annually by the membership.


David B. Rowland, President

Thomas J. Wieckowski, Ph.D., First Vice-President

Edward C. Landau, Second Vice-President

Michael F. Czerwonka III, CPA, Treasurer

James M. Rubillo, Secretary


Leslie W. Bell

Kirsten H. Gyllenhaal

Bryan T. Havir

Natalie Karas

Eileen A. Koolpe

Elizabeth B. Smith

Stephanie L. Walsh

Mary Washington

Directors Emeriti

Martha C. McDonough

Albert R. Paulbinksy

Joyce H. Root

Robert M. Skaler

Mildred M. Wintz, Ed.D.